What if what got you to where you are is what's keeping you from where you want to go?

Our "Next Level" retreats experiences invite you to step out of who you were and into who you're becoming.

Let's connect and explore if this retreat experience is a good fit.

Enter your information above to claim your complimentary "Level-Up" Session, and in 60-minutes or less, you'll have the clarity and confidence you need to step into your next level of your life and business.

Next Level Retreats offers exotic all-inclusive transformational retreat experiences designed to break through your upper limits, introduce you to your true self, and catalyze your evolution.

We see you. We hear you.

This is not your normal "retreat" experience. You are not "normal". You tried normal and it didn't work for you.

If you're anything like us, you've done the whole hustle thing, and perhaps it worked until it didn't. You did everything you thought you were supposed to in order to get "there, but it never seemed to be enough, and the elusive "there" continued to evade you. 

You burnt-out, broke-down, broke the bank, and perhaps you finally broke-through. 

And, if this has been your journey, you know that leveling-up will invite you to play in the unfamiliar, and breathe into your edges. 

You can do that alone - and we're sure you already have - but do you want to?

And, perhaps it's not more INFORMATION you need, but TRANSFORMATION; the kind that happens in the context of a conversation, an event, an experience.

About Next Level Retreats

 "How did we arrive at our next level?" "What if it were easier?" "What if we didn't have to do it all alone?"

This whole thing started on a Sunday afternoon, in a studio apartment, over a cup of tea. We had a dream of creating an unforgettable and exotic experience that would forever change the way you viewed yourself and your life.

While the backdrop and the curriculum may change; the intention we bring to each of these retreat experiences is simple in nature, yet powerful in its essence: "Deliver an extraordinary experience." With that statement at the core of what we create for you; an experience that leaves you feeling loved, leveled-up and transformed is virtually inevitable.

We speak from experience when we say the transformation doesn't begin the moment you arrive; it begins the moment you say "Yes", and continues in ripples and waves - indefinitely. 

Your Coaches

Cian Whalley

Cian Whalley is a Certified teacher of Yoga and Zen, a Certified Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan, and a sought after business coach for start-ups and boardroom executives alike. Known for his unique perspective on productivity, this serial entrepreneur and investor is a wealth of fresh ideas, constantly seeking new ways to ‘do business better’.

Legend holds that Cian's first Zen transmission happened at the young age of 6 months. Since then he's trained in meditation, tantra, yoga, zen, shamatha, Osho, and many other contemplative traditions.

Cian's teachings are designed to free you from the trap of your own mind, without making you dependent on a source outside yourself. The wisdom you require already exists inside of you.

Be your own Guru.

Cian Whalley

Mind Hacker

Reno Winston

Reno Winston is a Life & Business Coach, Facilitator, and Creative Consultant. He helps stressed and burnt-out (people/professionals) entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and professionals live, work and communicate with more ease and flow.

He works in public relations, marketing, management, sales, leadership, and facilitation.

His diverse and well-rounded background has afforded him the skills and experience required to support people in creating success and results in life and business, in a way that feels aligned, and honours both the head and the heart.

Reno Winston

Life Coach


Delivered Results

Cian and I met when I was at a critical moment in life where things were make or break. My stress was bubbling up to a point where I could barely control it. Things would trigger me and take me off my path and ruin my day.

Over about 6 months, he gave me some really critical tools and insights on how to navigate and manage my life, and my business. Business was going well, but I felt like something was missing. Working with Cian, I was able to gain more clarity of mind, not get triggered as often, and my projects don't get off track anymore. I can navigate my way through what is actually going on and deliver the results that I need to.

It's amazing having a coach like Cian looking over your shoulder, giving you insights and wisdom. He works with you, and shows you your blind spots. The most amazing part was seeing my own reality shift fundamentally. In some situations I'd normally become frustrated or angry; now I can see that before it happens, and am able to act from a place of clarity. I am now able to execute things more consistently and quickly. Life is much more graceful. Projects no longer eat me up inside, I'm not coming home exhausted at the end of the day.


Troy Assoignon

Positioning Expert

Life Changing

Coming Soon!


Gavin Dantez



When I began my self-reflection journey and meditation growth process two years ago, I started working with Cian and attending one-on-one sessions or group meditations with him. Through years of study and practice, he has a deep understanding of the very diverse and comprehensive set of concepts and practical techniques, which he uses to help me to understand the forces at work within my own mind and spirit. The books and materials that he has suggested for me to work with have always been perfectly aligned with the level of spiritual maturity and understanding that I possessed at that point of my journey.

One of the most powerful aspects of my transformation with Cian is how it affected my relationships in my personal and professional life. I found myself becoming more calm, insightful and caring in my personal relationships, and more creative, collaborative and understanding at work with my colleagues and staff. Whenever I had a limiting belief, distortive thought process, or fear come up, Cian was able to walk me through it, and ultimately see through the illusion and mindset that was holding me back from becoming the most authentic version of myself.


Zach Zahradnik


Luxurious Accommodations

Room packages available to suite your budget and preference. Each room it designed with comfort, while still allowing for the feeling of being in the Jungle.

Valley of Waterfalls

Swimming holes. Five waterfalls within 10 minutes walking. All within the beautiful Jungle property of Casa Corazon.

Gourmet Chefs

Enjoy local cuisine cooked just for you by local chefs. Each day will be a new menu, set by the chef himself, allowing for their unique skills to shine through.

Stunning, Relaxing Views

Community is at the center of our retreats. When you do want to get away for a quiet moment alone, there are plenty of places to explore and Zen out.

Picture this...

From the time you arrive at the airport, you're taken care of. 

You will get off the plane and be escorted to "Casa Corazon" which translates to "Heart House", and we're situated in an area called "Valley of the Waterfalls". 

You better believe you're going to get all the good stuff that comes with an exotic retreat in Costa Rica; the type of mouth-watering, mind-blowing, heart-expanding, awe-inducing, and sensory experiences, adventures, conversations, connections, and shifts that only a magical place like this has to offer.

You will rise to the sounds and sights of the jungle and enjoy rejuvenating morning yoga, mind-blowing meditation, and sharing and reflection time. 

You will taste healthy and delicious meals, prepared by our lovely cooks, and made with fresh, local ingredients.

During sessions and workshops, you will engage in both 1-on-1 and group guidance and growth around bringing more ease, flow, and results to your life and business.

You will ride, walk, jump, swim, and marvel during some of the most unforgettable adventures Costa Rica has to offer.

With the jungle as your backdrop, your backyard, your dining room, your classroom, your playground; anticipate the extraordinary.

"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." - W.H. Murray

If you've made it this far, something inside of you, that perhaps transcends your usual thinking, is resonating with what's on offer here. Know that we're not worried about you "taking up our time", and if even a small part of you desires to level-up... Book the call.

The least you will walk away with is clarity and confidence to step into your next level on your own, and the most is an unforgettable opportunity to

Join us all for 5 days in beautiful Costa Rica

February 26 - March 1

after which you and your life will never be the same.